Welcome to the FTW Transcriber.

The FTW Transcriber is transcription software that offers great time-saving features like automatic timestamps and superior sound quality, plus much more. Look at the list of features below, then try it FREE!

  • enhanced audio quality
  • automatic adding of time-stamps and frames - huge time-saver! (optional)
  • plays huge range of file types (now including dss/ds2)
  • compatible with ALL word processors!
  • timestamp formatting - add them in the format of your choice
  • start timestamps from any timecode, not just 00:00:00
  • hotkeys for common transcription phrases like "overtalking" or "unclear"
  • plays video files (mpeg, wmv, flv, etc) with visuals displayed
  • plays files either on your local drive or on remote servers without downloading first!
  • local files play instantly - no wait for loading (except dss/ds2)
  • range of features including auto-backspace, balance, speed adjuster, etc
  • can be used with hotkeys or pedals
  • Friendly and prompt support, at no charge, permanently!

NEW: Try the FTW Transcriber on your Android smartphone or tablet, and transcribe anywhere, not just at your desktop!  For more information, click here.

Most recent updates:

October 13 2014
3.1 – more timestamping options; RX button – when pressed, audio repeats last phrase; PX button – when pressed, audio plays a phrase then stops; Playpoint saves on powercut or if PC auto-powers off; more precision with automatic timestamping

March 20 2014
2.7 – newer versions of ds2 can now be played, FTWT opens in full even if you open it offline (provided you opened it online max 7 days ago), plus various other bug fixes

Nov 6 2013
2.6.5 – hotkeys can be disabled, more timestamp options, various other fixes

June 20 2013
2.6.4 – timestamps now insert into any application

June 1 2013
2.6.3 – bug fix – option to delay insertion of timestamps by 5 seconds fixed.

May 23 2013
2.6.2 – addition of the ability to add frames along with timestamps

March 13 2013
2.6.1 – bug fix – issue with download button fixed.

March 3 2013
2.6 – conversion of wma files added to obviate issue in Windows Media Player which occasionally plays them imperfectly.

February 24 2013
2.5 – Application now plays dss and ds2 files.