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vob files

VOB files are what you find on an audio DVD.  We don’t recommend transcribing directly from a DVD, because it means the DVD player must continually stop and start, which is slow and places too much strain on the DVD player.

If you have the original DVD, we recommend you convert it to a video file and transcribe from that.  See instructions on this page:

If you have only the vob files and not the DVD, firstly make sure the vob files are on your hard drive, so that the FTW Transcriber’s play controls work more quickly (if possible you should always move ALL file types to your hard drive before transcribing them).

Once the vob files are on your hard drive, try to play them directly in the FTW Transcriber.  If they don’t play well, or at all, there are two things you can try.  Firstly, find the files in Windows Explorer, right-click on them and click Rename, and change “.vob” to “.mpeg”, then press Enter and try again to play them.  If that still doesn’t work, convert the vob files to mp4 using free software such as Freemake Video Convertor: 

They should then play without problems.


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