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The FTW Transcriber’s bookmarking feature enables you to set as many bookmarks as you like in a recording, and access them quickly.












There are two ways to add a bookmark.  While playing a recording, you can either click the “Add Bookmark” button on the FTW Transcriber’s interface, or you can use the hotkey, which is CTRL-Q.

To view your bookmarks, click the “Bookmarks” button on the interface.  The numbering of bookmarks is dynamic, and is always numbered consecutively from 1 upwards, no matter how many bookmarks you add or delete.

To jump straight to a bookmark, simply double-click on it.

To add a description for a bookmark, or to edit an existing description, click once in the Description field.

To prompt the FTW Transcriber to ask you for a description each time you add a bookmark, check the box marked “ask for description when creating bookmark”, then click OK.

To delete a bookmark, select it then click Delete.


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