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Convert Timestamps

This page enables you to convert all the time codes in a recording automatically.

When you transcribe a video file and add time codes, the time codes in your transcript will probably start from 00:00:00. However, the video file may have on-screen time codes that start from a counter other than 00:00:00. Therefore the time codes in your transcript will all be incorrect by a consistent factor.

If you know about this issue BEFORE producing the transcript, you can use the FTW Transcriber’s Start Transcripts From feature, described here.  But if you have already produced your transcript and your timestamps are incorrect, you can use this page to correct them.

This page only converts timestamps that are in this format: hh:mm:ss

You need to find two time codes:

1 – a time code from the original video file; and
2 – the time code from your transcript which is at the exact equivalent point

Enter those time codes into this page, and it will convert all the time codes in your transcript.

You will first need to convert your transcript to htm. To do this, open it in Microsoft Word, then click Save As, and select the htm file type.

After conversion, copy and paste the transcript into your Word document.

The FTW Transcriber