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Get GFC key

If you have a valid license key for the FTW Transcriber, you can use it to get a free license key for our file conversion software Generic File Converter (GFC), which converts a huge number of file types.  For more information and to download, click:

Already have a GFC license key and forgotten it? Click here to contact us .

To get your free GFC license key, please enter the following details:

To find your license key, open the FTW Transcriber and click Settings, and you should see it in the top right. If you do not, click “Forgot Key?”, on Settings, to retrieve it.

*Your PC ID is the ID number of the computer on which you want to use the FTW Transcriber. Do not use the PC ID of any other computer. To find your computer’s PC ID, open the FTW Transcriber and click Help, then About, where you will see your 12-digit PC ID. Copy and paste it into the field above, including hyphens.

If your PC ID ever changes, your GFC license key will stop working. If that happens, please contact us.

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