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The FTW Transcriber’s hotkey system enables you to carry out certain functions without moving your hands away from your keyboard.  This means you can use the software without a foot pedal if required.

Other hotkeys, known as Keyboard Shortcuts, can be used to quickly insert common phrases into your text, such as [overtalking].  These can be accessed and configured by going to Settings, Keyboard Shortcuts Menu (details here).

The hotkey functions can be moved to different keys if required (details here).

On some keyboards, the “F” keys only work if you press the “F lock” key.

The default hotkey functions are:

Playback Operations
Play F1
Stop F4
Rewind F7
Forward F8
RX (info) F5
PX F12
Speed (info)
Speed Toggle Numpad 5
Increase Speed Numpad 8
Decrease Speed Numpad 2
Insert Timestamp (info) F9
Add Bookmark (info) SCROLL LOCK
Keyboard Shortcuts (info)
Keyboard Shortcut 1 F2
Keyboard Shortcut 2 F3
Keyboard Shortcut 3 F6
Keyboard Shortcut 4 F10
Keyboard Shortcut 5 F11



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