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Keyboard Shortcuts

If you find you’re typing the same phrases constantly, abbreviate them using the FTW Transcriber’s Keyboard Shortcuts feature, on the Settings menu.

Two are already set for you. If you press F2, “[unclear]” is inserted into your Word document, and if you press F3, “[overtalking]” is inserted. If you’re using the paid version of the FTW Transcriber, you can alter those any time, and there are four more Keyboard Shortcuts that you can set.

Keyboard shortcuts work with virtually any word processor. If you’re using Microsoft Word, Word does not need to be the active window. Any other application does need to be the active window – that means it has to be in front of all other applications on your screen, and your cursor has to be flashing within it.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts for anything you repeat constantly, for example:

– an interviewee’s name, such as “William Prendergast (Chairman)”
– Often-repeated phrases such as “you know”, “I mean”, “I think”, “sort of”, etc.
– Foreign words that are difficult to spell, such as “Champs-Élysées”

You don’t need to use Keyboard Shortcuts only as you type. You can also use them to insert common phrases when you’re proof-reading your finished transcript. Just click on the place where you want to insert it, press the hotkey, and save yourself a great deal of time.

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