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Other pedals and foot switches

Some pedals work with the FTW Transcriber straight out of the box – those are shown here.

The FTW Transcriber is compatible with ANY other pedal, foot switch or external device that can be linked to your computer’s hotkeys.  For example, you can use the FS3_P pedal with the FTW Transcriber by for example connecting the button that you want to use for Play to F1, which is the same hotkey that the FTW Transcriber uses for Play.  Then when you press that button on the FS3_P, it will activate the F1 key, which in turn will activate Play on the FTW Transcriber.

With some pedals, such as the ECS-FPAE pedal, the pedal buttons are already linked to F keys on your computer – the Forward button is linked to F8, F7 is Back, and F9 is Play.  The pedal does not allow you to change those, but you can change the hotkey functions on the FTW Transcriber to match the pedal.  In the FTW Transcriber, the defaults for Forward and Back are already F8 and F7 respectively, so you should only need to change the Play function to F9.  In case of difficulty, please contact us.

You do not have to use F1 for Play – you can change the hotkeys on the FTW Transcriber to match whatever your device is already set to.  Or you can change your device’s hotkeys to match those of the FTW Transcriber.  As long as the hotkey settings match, all will work.  In case of any issues, please contact us.


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