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RX and PX

RX and PX are new features on the FTW Transcriber that can help to minimize the number of keystrokes and pedal presses that you need to do.

“PX” means “Play for X number of seconds”.  “RX” means “Rewind by X number of seconds”.

To set these functions up and try them out, please go to your Settings menu and find the box marked “RX and PX”, and from the two drop-down menus, select 7.

Then look at the Play box, at the top, and find the “jumpback” number.  This is the number of seconds by which the audio jumps back every time you stop playing.  Please set it to 2.

Then click OK, and open an audio file.

Press the PX hotkey (normally F12), and your audio file will play for 7 seconds, then jumpback by 2.

Press the RX hotkey (normally F5), and your audio file will rewind by 7 seconds then start to play.

The normal way to use PX is to press it once, so that it plays from 0 seconds to 7 seconds then jumps back to 5 seconds, then transcribe what you heard, then press it again so that it plays from 5 seconds to 12 seconds then jumps back to 10, etc, etc.  With a little practice you will become able to transcribe in this way, without ever needing to press “stop” or “rewind”.

The normal way to use RX is to press it when you want to listen again to a phrase you were unable to make out on first hearing.  Instead of having to judge how long to hold a “rewind” button, simply press RX and the last phrase will be repeated.  Press it twice if you need to re-listen to a longer phrase.

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