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Start Timestamps From

When the FTW Transcriber adds timestamps, it uses the timings that are built into every media file, which always start at 00:00:00.

Sometimes, however, a video file has on-screen timestamps, which usually do NOT start at 00:00:00 - they can start from any number.

See this example:

CS_2015-09-24 10-13-14






In this video, the playpoint is at 00:01:24, but the on-screen timestamp is at 10:02:36.

If your client asks you to timestamp according to those on-screen numbers, you need to use the FTW Transcriber's "Start Timestamps From" feature, on the Settings menu.

Note that the on-screen timestamps may not remain at a constant difference from the playpoint timestamps.  Midway through the recording you may need to enter new figures into the Start Timestamps From section.

To quickly calculate what to enter into the Start Timestamps From section, use the calculator below.

Playpoint timestamp:                       :  : 
On-screen timestamp:   :  : 

Timestamps Start From: 00:00:00

If you've already produced your transcript using timestamps that start from 00:00:00 and they do not match the on-screen timestamps of the original, you can convert them, here.
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