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Timestamps Overview

The FTW Transcriber offers versatile ways to add both manual and automatic timestamps to your transcript.

To add a manual timestamp, press the Timestamp hotkey, which by default is F9.  To change it to a different key, see here.

To add timestamps to your transcripts automatically, see here.

To change the appearance of your timestamps, see here.

To save different types of timestamps for different clients, see here.

If you are transcribing into any program except for Microsoft Word and you want to add timestamps, the FTW Transcriber uses the Windows clipboard to insert them.  This means that when inserting timestamps with the FTW Transcriber you cannot use the Windows clipboard for other purposes such as inserting text. The exception is Microsoft Word.  The FTW Transcriber does not normally use the Windows clipboard to insert timestamps into Word, so you can use the Windows clipboard normally.

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