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Using a foot pedal

The FTW Transcriber is compatible with many pedals straight out of the box.  In addition it is compatible with ANY other pedal or external device that can be linked to your computer’s hotkeys.

It is common for transcribers to use the FTW Transcriber without a pedal.  You can use the buttons on the software’s interface by mouse-clicking on them, or more conveniently, you can use hotkeys; that is, you can press keyboard buttons to stop, start, rewind and forward your recording.  For more information, click here.

To purchase a pedal, click here.

The following pedals are compatible with the FTW Transcriber straight out of the box:

  • the Infinity USB-1 pedal (as used with Express Scribe)
  • the Infinity USB-2 pedal (as used with Express Scribe)
  • the Infinity USB-3 pedal (as used with Express Scribe)
  • the Alto Edge pedal
  • the Olympus RS series: RS31, RS28, RS27, RS32.  IMPORTANT: If your model number ends in H, e.g. RS28H, please see below.
  • all Olympus pedals as part of AS series packages
  • the Start-Stop transcription system

To start using one of the above pedals, simply plug it in to your computer and restart the FTW Transcriber and all should work straightaway.  If not, you may need to restart your PC, unplug other pedals that you are not using, and close all other transcription software.  You may also need to try more than one USB port.

To use a Grundig pedal, first install the drivers. Instructions here.

To use a Philips ACC series pedal, open the FTW Transcriber, click Settings, check the box “I’m using Philips equipment”, click OK, then restart the FTW Transcriber.  If the pedal still does not work, you will need to install drivers – please see this page.

To use an Olympus RS27H, RS28H or RS31H pedal, please click here for instructions.

To use an ECS-FPAE pedal, please click here for instructions.

For instructions on using other devices, please click here.


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